Travellin Travel Insurance

Travellin is the nickname for Adira Insurance’s travel insurance product designed to reduce any loss that may occur during your overseas (international) or domestic travels.

Travellin product provides various benefits that will fulfill your needs when traveling. One of which is the “Cashless” feature for an international package, which is a feature that allows you to acquire medical services without having to pay in cash. This feature is presented under the cooperation between Adira Insurance and AA INTERNATIONAL network.

Travellin also offers Travellin Sharia, which will provide you with coverage during your Hajj or Pilgrimage travels. 


For international areas, Travellin provides 3 (three) Plans/Packages that may be selected within your needs or requirements during your travel. These are:

  1. Plan Asia
  2. Plan Worldwide Executive
  3. Plan Wolrdwide Premier

Each plan has its own benefits and requirements adjustable to your travel. For international travels, Travellin provides the options on travel modes, both Individual or Family.

In addition, for the international areas, Travellin provides several options for daily or annual trips. For an annual trip, we offer a 90-day trip (multi-trip 90) and 180-day (multi-trip 180). Multi-trip can be used within 1 year, as long as the number of days does not exceed the selected annual package. 


Travellin Domestic is a travel insurance product from Adira Insurance for you who wish to travel domestically. Travellin Domestic provides 2 (two) options, which are:

  1. Travellin Domestic Gold
  2. Travellin Domestic Silver

In entirety, Travellin Domestic Plan provides a benefit of up to Rp 100 million for various types of coverages. In addition, Travellin Domestic can also be extended with a “Plus” warranty to provide compensation on your losses from a house fire and burglary, as well as your vehicles from theft. 


Travellin Sharia has 3 (three) packages to be selected for your needs, which are:

  1. Basic
  2. Regular (Silver, Gold, dan Platinum)
  3. Special (Haji Plus)

These product packages are available for Individual or Family travel.

Travellin Sharia provides travel protection for your pilgrimage/hajj trips, with various benefits, among others :

  1. Managed by the sharia concept of "ta’awun " which puts forward the idea of assisting other pilgrims and exempted from the elements of usury, “maisir” and “gharar.”
  2. A complete coverage, including medical and cadaver repatriation.
  3. Cashless & Reimbursement benefit payments.
  4. Call Center for 24-hour claims.
  5. A component of alms in the insurance contribution.

Currently, Travellin Sharia product maybe acquired through Adira Insurance’s branch offices and travel agents partnering with Adira Insurance.


The entire Travellin products can now be purchased online, through Travellin’s official website at We offer complete travel insurance packages that can be purchased on a daily or annual basis. For international travels, the product is available from the value of Rp 19,000/day to Rp 42,000/day. For domestic travels, the Silver package can be purchased at Rp 10,000/day, while the Gold package is at Rp 12,000/day. All of these packages may be purchased online with various payment methods, such as :

  1. Credit Cards
  2. Online Banking
  3. Transfer / Virtual Account
  4. E-wallet / Phone Credits

Following your online purchase, a electronic insurance policy will be sent through your registered email address. Electronic Insurance Policy, or dubbed as E-Polis, is an official document to justify your participation in the Travellin travel insurance product.

Aside from the ease of online transactions and E-Polis, you may also conduct an online Claim, which is an online method of submitting your claims without having to visit or contact Travellin’s claim team.

For further explanations, you may directly experience the ease and benefits of Travellin products from the following link.

Go to Web Travellin

For further information on this product, please contact Adira Care 1500 456 or our nearest representative office. You may also contact us via the "Contact " menu on this website.