Towards New Normal, Business People Apply This Preparation For the Goodness of Post-Isolation Business Activities

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The New Normal Era has been driven by the Government as a strategy of economic and industrial recovery after large-scale social restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A series of preparations towards New Normal has been prepared by various sectors, public and private. Business and industry players must prepare themselves to ensure the smooth running of business activities and minimize the risk of loss.


For business and industry, it is very important to have the right procedures to run the business again, when reviving machinery and factory facilities, especially those that have undergone a long shutdown. This needs to be done to detect hazards or abnormal conditions that may occur on machines in a stationary or non-burning condition and to be added to the lack of regular checks and maintenance during the closing period.


Hazard or abnormal conditions can arise due to weather, humidity, moisture, leakage, rodents, birds, and so forth. It is a good idea to start running facilities that have not been operational for a long time, consider the following steps:


1. Before the machine starts operating again

  • Check the surrounding area. Make sure the surrounding area is clean and free of contaminants such as dust, dirt, traces of oil, and other hazards.
  • Make sure you have understood and taken all the steps that have been legally instructed on pressurized vessels, water heaters, boilers, lifting equipment, elevators, escalators, and other equipment or systems.
  • Check the condition of the electrical system including the incoming supply, transformers, distribution panels, electrical control panels, and cable connections.
  • Follow the manual instructions regarding the process of operating or restarting the machines.
  • For machines or equipment with oil lubrication and / or cooling systems, take oil samples to check the quality.
  • If the motor, control or engine has been flooded or exposed to water. Make sure the conditions are dry and make repairs before starting to run again.
  • Ensure that the "fuel train" and combustion components are checked and tested before starting again.
  • Ensure relevant safety equipment and emergency response are in good condition and ready to be used to anticipate the occurrence of operating errors that cause danger when the machine is first operated after a long closing period.


2. As long as the machine starts operating again

  • Perform a thorough check of abnormal conditions such as a trip-off, heat, sparks, vibrations, noise, or odors.
  • If an abnormal condition occurs, perform the stop procedure that has been instructed.


3. After the machine starts operating again


For 24 hours after the engine starts running again, monitor all possible signs of abnormal conditions as follows:

  • Check electrical equipment and control panels to feel or observe abnormal conditions such as smoke or odors due to electrical damage.
  • Check the gas and fuel supply system to feel or observe abnormal conditions such as smoke or natural gas odors or fuel leaks.
  • Monitor the machine continuously. When abnormal conditions are detected, take corrective steps by qualified people before restarting the machine.


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