Sharia Travellin Insurance

Sharia Travellin is a travel insurance product from Adira Insurance managed under the sharia principles.

Sharia Travellin Product will provide a sense of comfort and security during your pilgrimage period.


Sharia Travellin offers 3 (three) packages that can be opted based on your requirements, which are :

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum

These packages are available for Individual or Family travels.


  1. Managed by the sharia concept of "ta’awun " which puts forward the idea of assisting other pilgrims.
  2. Providing complete coverage, including medical and cadaver repatriation.
  3. A complete coverage over the death or the permanent injury resulted from an accident of up to Rp 650 million.
  4. Providing inpatient compensation due to illness or accident.
  5. Baggage loss coverage of up to Rp15 million.
  6. Flight delay coverage per 6 hours and a maximum compensation of up to Rp 4 million.
  7. Baggage arrival delay coverage per 6 hours and a maximum compensation of up to Rp 4 million.
  8. Travel cancellation expenses coverage of up to Rp 15 million.
  9. Cashless & Reimbursement benefit payments
  10. Call center for 24-hour claims
  11. A component of alms in the insurance contribution. 


  1. The Sharia Travellin Insurance Participant should be between 1 year to 90 years old, with several adjustments of the benefits for the participants above 70 years.
  2. The maximum limit of compensation provided will be at the maximum of the accident coverage during the travel.
  3. Sharia Travellin Insurance excludes the countries as follows: Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Belarussia, Cuba, Congo, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Zimbabwe.
  4. A complete provision will be listed within the policy wording.