Sharia Salaam Card Insurance

Salaam Card is a sharia insurance product from Adira Insurance, which provides the benefits of Insurance Compensation when the Insurance Participants are involved within an accident that causes Death or Permanent Total Injury, as also providing the benefits of medication expenses compensation due to an accident. 


This product provides benefits as follows:


  • Salaam Card Participants to be insured should be between 15 (fifteen) years to 65 (sixty-five) years.
  • The waiting period of this insurance is 1 (one) calendar day after you purchase the Salaam Card. During this waiting period, the benefits of Salaam Card is inapplicable.
  • Salaam Card is applicable for 1 (one) year since the purchase date of this insurance.
  • The coverage of Salaam Card Insurance is applied in all Indonesian regions.
  • If the Participant is deceased due to an accident, then a claim can be submitted by the legal heir with proof of heirs.
  • The claim report should be submitted by 14 (fourteen) days following the date of the accident by contacting Adira Care at 1 500 456 (add the area code for cellphone users).
  • Validation of claim data will be conducted within 14 (fourteen) workdays after all claim documents are completely accepted by Adira Insurance.