Residential Home Insurance

Residential Home Insurance from Adira Insurance provides a warranty on your residential properties, including your registered household items, should a fire or forced theft occurs. In addition, you will also receive personal accident insurance for members of your household residing in your home in case a fire occurs.

We offer a Conventional and Sharia Residential Home Insurance. For the purchase of Sharia Residential Home Insurance, you may contact Adira Care at 1500 456.


Residential Home Insurance product from Adira Insurance offer 2 (two) packages according to your needs and benefits included.


FLEXAS (Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Falling Air Craft & Smoke)

Guarantees the risks of:

  • A fire triggered and sustained by the negligence of the insured, the rage of fire, short circuit, as well as fire triggered by other items.
  • Lightning that induces direct damage(s). The coverage also includes electrical engines, electrical equipment or electronics, as well as the electrical installations burned due to the lightning.
  •  An explosion that is triggered by the items or possessions covered by this Policy.
  •  A falling aircraft that collides with your possessions and building(s) insured by this Policy.
  • Smoke coming out of the fire of your possessions insured by this Policy.

Riots, Strikes and Malicious Damages (RSMD): Guaranteeing the risks or damages of insured items, which are directly sustained by a riot, strike and malicious damages.

Burglary: Guaranteeing items located in the house that experiences loss or damage sustained by a break-in or forced theft and/or with violence.

Theft Following Fire: Guaranteeing loss over the stolen insured items when a fire occurs.

24-Hour Personal Accident: Providing compensation over the death or permanent injury sustained by an accident anytime, anywhere and under any causes.

Personal Accident Following Fire: Providing compensation over the death or permanent injury sustained by the risks of fire.

Third-Party Liabilities (TPL): Guaranteeing the physical injuries or damage of items owned by a third party (beyond the family or those working for the insured) over the inadvertent accident within the house or yard owned by the insured.


Medical Expenses Following Fire: Providing medical/treatment reimbursements following the risks of fire. 

Impact of Vehicle: Guaranteeing loss sustained by the physical impact on the building, sustained by a motor vehicle that does not belong to the insured or those living within the insured’s property.

Fire Brigade Fee: The reimbursements of fire brigade expenses to reduce the spread of fire.

Removal of Debris Fee: The reimbursements of cleaning and dismantling expenses of the debris from the destroyed/damaged building and other items insured within the Policy.

Accidental Damage: Guaranteeing any losses sustained by the physical impact on the building, sustained by trees or neighboring buildings. The exceptions of typhoons and storms are applied to this guarantee.

Home Rental Fee: Reimbursements of rent expenses for temporary living space, for a time considered sufficient to conduct repairs or restoration of any losses or damages on the insured building.

Professional Fee: Reimbursements for architects, surveyors and building management consultancy for the planning, specification, quantity, offers and supervision needed within the reconstruction. This does not include the fees in preparing the claim.


Currently, you are able to purchase your Residential Home Insurance Product directly via Adira Website (online). You only have to login or register in this Adira Website and select your Residential Home Insurance Product. Here is how you can purchase via Adira Website :

  1. Register or Login on Adira Website. Ensure your Login account is active and applicable.
  2. Select your Residential Home Insurance Product and select one of the annual packages available.
  3. Submit your Personal Data (buyer) and also Participant / Owner Data of the Residential Home Insurance Policy.
  4. Reconfirm whether your submitted data is complete and correct.
  5. Submit your online payment in Adira Website directly with the total amount of your desired product.

When the transaction is successful in Adira Website, you will directly receive your Home Insurance E-Polis directly to the registered email address.

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 For further information on this product, please contact Adira Care 1500 456 or our nearest representative office. You may also contact us via the "Contact " menu on this website.