Reach Customers, Adira Insurance Opens a New Representative Office at the Shopping Center

Published At Dec, 17 2019 03:56 | By Edwardo Mauliate

Jakarta, 08/15 - In order to realize services supported by all customers, Adira Insurance opens a representative office in Gajah Mada City Walk (08/15). This is the first representative office of Adira Insurance in the expenditure center.

Julian Noor, Adira Insurance's Chief Executive Officer, accepted, "The existence of this marketing office is to accommodate customer needs for information related to Adira Insurance. Not only that, we want to provide customers with a complete and easy-to-get service. Because it is in the mall, customers will more easily visit our office. "

Julian added that this area is the center of trade and is in the center of the city so that it can be easier to find Adira Insurance. "The potential in this region is also still very large and there are many businesses that we can achieve to boost our achievements at the end of the year," said Julian.

The Adira Insurance Representative Office in Gajah Mada City Walk has a digital angle that can be used by customers to explore or get education about the importance of insurance. With a modern and comfortable concept, customers will be closer and comfortable in this office.

"The existing digital concept and digital angle can be maximized flexible customers to get more information about insurance. "Hopefully the millennial generation is also interested in finding out about insurance with our office because the office is instagramable," concluded Julian.

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