PT. Asuransi Adira Dinamika Tbk meraih penghargaan Warta Ekonomi, Indonesia Public Relation Award (IPRA)

Published At Jul, 29 2020 06:37 | By admin

PT. Asuransi Adira Dinamika Tbk again carries a positive performance record in creating a better corporate image. The positive image of the company in the public side is inseparable from the function of Public Relations which spearheads the company in building public perception.

At this time, at the same time as the entry of pandemics covid-19 certainly brought major challenges to a company to keep is connected with the community. The important for a company to be able to create the communication that is an open communication, constructive and real time to be key to the success of communication strategy. The role of public relation is essential to adapt in maximize resources owned company in build a positive image of the company in the public side.

The ability of particular importance adira insurance in collaborated and bridge image and performance of the company proved through many positive news with the sentiment create positive view as well as stakeholders in the community. This capability are also recognized by practitioners of media communication, one of it is Warta Ekonomi.

"This positive record is a reflection of the results and real performance achieved by all company employees for the development of Adira Insurance business. Hard work, unyielding, collaborative and adaptive are the keywords to achieve good performance,said Donni Gandamana, Director of Adira Insurance.The award is based on a research process based on several methods. One of them is media content analysis to be able to see further the contents of the text and various news related to the company.

"The analysis process of monitoring media also to understand the structure of news texts which can then revealpositive sentiments, negative sentiments, and neutral sentiments. The more positive sentiments that emerge from the news, then publish good public relations performance, so as to produce output represents a good company in the community, "said Chief Executive and Editor in Chief of the Warta Ekonomi Group, Mohamad Ihsan.The media monitoring process was carried out with online support in the past six months. In the 2020 Public Relations Award, Warta Ekonomi Group also invited two major figures in the field of communication, namely the Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo), Mr. Johnny G Plate, and the Chairman of the Public Relations Association (Perhumas), Mr. Agung Laksamana, who will be present as the Main Speaker Related to the role and challenges of the communications industry in the disruptive era and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hopefully Adira Insurance can always maintain the quality of its public relations role which is already very good.

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