Proteku Insurance

Proteku Insurance is an extension of Personal Accident Insurance (Personal Accident) that provides Personal Accident Protection for you and your spouse, compensation for a place to stay when a fire occurs, and also compensation for loss of your vehicle. With compensation ranging from IDR 1 million to IDR 20 million.


Proteku Insurance has 3 (three) packages with a period of 1 (one) year which can be chosen to suit your needs.


  • The insured is an individual and can only have one Proteku Insurance policy.
  • Each insurance benefit can only be claimed 1 (one) time during the policy period.
  • Age between 17 years old not the 60th (sixty) birthday at the start of this coverage.
  • Adira Insurance Insurance benefits will be paid in full even if you have other special insurance policies.
  • Coverage applies throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia
  • For provisions relating to compensation for each package arranged in each of the clauses included in the package.


Currently you can buy Proteku (PA) Insurance Products directly via the Adira Web (online). All you have to do is log in or register on this Adira Web, and select Proteku Insurance (PA) Products. Here"s how to purchase via the Adira Web:

  1. Register or Login on the Adira Web. Make sure your Login account is active and can be used.
  2. Select Insurance Products (PA) and choose one of the 3 packages.
  3. Enter your personal data (the buyer) and also the participant / owner data of my insurance policy.
  4. Then make sure the data is correct.
  5. Make payments via online on the Adira web directly with the nominal number of products you want.
  6. When the transaction is successful on Adira"s Web, you will immediately get the Proteku Insurance E-Policy directly to the email address that you registered earlier.
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