Property Insurance


For individual or corporate institution, properties – in terms of buildings, construction, engines or stocks of goods, are considered crucial assets. These assets, both when operational or non-operational, are always overshadowed by uncertainties and unwanted incidents that may cause losses, as resulted from any possible risks such as fire from short circuit, lightning, explosion, or other cause of fire. Damage or loss can also result from the risks of earthquakes, volcano, landslide, riot, flood, typhoon, hail and others. If the risks occur, not only the direct losses over the damages of the properties, but there will also be losses over the potential profits to be obtained prior to the incident.


Should you and your business partners want to have the peace of mind and the focus to run your business, and not thinking about the risks at any given moment, you must implement a risk management measure, whereas by conducting proper risk analysis/risk management, your company will be capable of considering which risks are preventable or minimized, which are to be neglected, or to be borne, or to be transferred to other parties – by the transfer of risk. Currently, the best transfer of risk is by insuring or transferring certain risks to an Insurance company, by submitting payments of a certain amount of premium for you to be avoided from uncertainties over certain risks, especially the risks of fire that may occur on your properties.


Adira Insurance, as part of the best insurance companies in Indonesia is a public insurance company with a good reputation in guaranteeing risks on your property or assets. Your property or assets may be covered from the abovementioned risks with the following Policy types:

  1. Flexas Cover Policy, guaranteeing the risks of: Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Falling Air Craft & Smoke; Flexas Cover A policy may be extended by covering the risks of Riot, Strike, and Civil Commotion, typhoon and flood, landslide and several other extensions.
  2. Property All Risk or Industrial All Risk Policy, are the comprehensive insurance policy that covers the risks of Flexas and almost all of its extensions, including to guarantee the risks categorized as accidental damage, however, there are exceptions in each policy.
  3. Earthquake Insurance Policy, are the policy that completes the coverage of Flexas, Property All Risk or Industrial All Risk by covering the loss or damages of your properties due to the risks of Earthquake, Tsunami and Volcano Eruption.


Adira Insurance, in covering the property insurance, has several privileges, among others :

  • Experience in covering massive and vast risks
  • Corporate financial health
  • Load capacity and reinsurance
  • Experience in completing claims

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