Motopro Motorcycle Insurance

Motopro is a motorcycle insurance product from Adira Insurance, providing a Total Loss Only warranty for your motorcycle. The warranty will provide reimbursements in case of a loss or total damage (more than 75%) of your motorcycle. In addition, this product can also be extended with the personal accident warranty, medical expense warranty, up to the third party liability warranty throughout the use of your motorcycle.


Currently, Adira Insurance provides 2 (two) of the best motorcycle insurance products to be adjusted with your needs, which are Motopro Classic (Conventional) and Motopro Ikhlas (Sharia), with two packages for each of this product:

Your warranty may be extended with various coverages as follow:

*Maximum Limit of Rp 10,000,000      |     ** Maximum Limit of Rp 100,000,000    |      For the value of motorcycles = Rp 100 million, the Motopro Classic Plus / Syariah Plus Package is not available.


Reimbursements of Total Loss Only (TLO): Providing reimbursements over the loss or total damage incurred by fire, theft and accidents, with a repair value reaching 75% or more from the vehicle’s market price.

Personal Accident (PA): Providing warranty for a traffic accident experienced by the driver that may cause death or permanent injuries, with the maximum reimbursements of the insured value*. *According to stipulated regulations.

Medical Expense: Providing reimbursements of medical expenses for the driver caused by a traffic accident, at the maximum of 10% of the Personal Accident limit, during the period of insurance coverage.

Typhoon, Storm, Flood, Hail & Landslide: Providing replacements of loss or total damages incurred by typhoon, storm, flood, hail, and landslide, with a repair value of 75% or more from the market value of the vehicle.

Third-Party Liability (TPL): A warranty of loss over third party liability, which is directly caused by the insured vehicle.

Profit-Sharing (exclusively for Motopro sharia): Clients purchasing Motopro sharia product will receive a profit-sharing if they have not claimed during their insurance coverage period. (The profit-sharing amount depends on the tabarru fund surplus)


 For further information on this product, please contact Adira Care 1500 456 or our nearest representative office. You may also contact us via the "Contact " menu on this website.