Medicillin Mobile App

With the vast technological developments and a more personal service requirements, Medicillin has also responded by presenting a mobile app-based service. Medicillin Mobile Application is present with various menus and eases the Customers in accessing their insurance data.


Medicillin Mobile Application is present for two major operating systems in the cellular phone industry. Medicillin Customers may download Medicillin Mobile Application for free in GooglePlay Store for Android, as well as in the iTunes Store for iPhone. Use the keyword "Medicillin " to acquire the Medicillin app.


With various menus to support the requirements of Medicillin Customers, the Main Menu of Medicillin Mobile Application is the Insurance menu, which functions to provide various information on the Medicillin insurance policy acquired by the Medicillin Customers.

Insurance Menu: Customers may acquire information on their policy or their family’s if they are married. Limit information is also embedded to ease Customers in observing the used limits within a year. In addition, the claim feature will carry the entire information of the claims reported within the Medicillin insurance period.

Hospital Menu: It is a menu that provides information on the partnering hospital/clinic with Medicillin. It can be located based on the city’s name or with Nearby GPS technology, as Medicillin Mobile Application may provide the list of nearest hospitals/clinics from the Customer’s location. Additionally, to provide more information, Medicillin Mobile Application is also providing a map that will show the direction to the chosen hospital/clinic. 

My Health Menu: It is a menu comprising of the features to support a healthier lifestyle for the Customers. The BMI feature is capable of measuring your Body Mass Index, whether you have an ideal/normal body mass, overweight, or even underweight. There is also the Water feature, which measures and reminds Medicillin Customers to consume a sufficient amount of water within a day. There is also the Healthy Time feature, which will inquire Customers of their health on a daily basis. In the near future, more features will be added according to the requirements.

Medicall Menu: A menu comprising of important phone numbers related to Medicillin and health. These numbers may be contacted by selecting the desired number.

Panic Button Menu: This is a feature to send an emergency text and email, as well as your personal data and last known location of the Customer when he/she sends the emergency message. The menu, which is intended for any emergency situation experienced by the Customers, can be activated by touching the Panic Button – as it will instantly send a notification to the Medicillin team and the Customers’ relatives.


Medicillin Mobile Application is available for general use for FREE, via downloads in each Android or Apple App Store. The entire menu can be accessed by Medicillin Customers when they have registered to Medicillin Mobile Application or the official website of

However, Non-Customers or unregistered users are unable to access the Insurance Menu, as it contains information related to Medicillin Customers. Only the registered and logged Customers may acquire or have access to their insurance data.

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