Heavy Equipment Insurance

The execution of construction or maintenance projects have increased both in the major cities or other regions. In the application, heavy equipment is utilized. In the city, the use of excavators to open and level lands, as well as cranes to construct high-rise buildings have become the main necessity. The other regions are also not apart from the use of bulldozers and tractors to acquire new lands.

 In the execution of construction or maintenance, there is a risk of damages over the heavy equipment. From human error to weather/natural conditions may cause improper loss or damages. In addition, damages may also have resulted from riots or protests over the rejection of such a project. These incidents are unpredictable, while one of the measures to reduce the risks of financial loss is by transferring these risks to an insurance company.


Adira Insurance’s Heavy Equipment Insurance provides comprehensive or total loss protection over heavy equipment such as tractors, bulldozers, excavators, cranes and other heavy equipment on any damages both during their operational hours or not, which are resulted from: 

  • Fire,
  • Collision, Theft,
  • Weather-related incidents.

    This product may be extended with the coverage over:

  • Riot,
  • Personal Accident, as well as
  • Third-Party Liability.


For further information on this product, please contact Adira Care 1500 456 or our nearest representative office. You may also contact us via the "Contact " menu on this website.