Everyone Can Become Millennial with Autocillin

Published At Dec, 17 2019 04:15 | By Edwardo Mauliate

Jakarta, 08/20 - Penetration of the car insurance market in big cities must be adjusted to everything that is easy and simple. Not to mention the crowded road conditions, causing the risk of accidents and even scratches between vehicles become greater. The presence of car insurance can be a mitigation for existing risks. In addition, currently in Indonesia also experiences quite unique conditions according to data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2016 the number of millennials in Indonesia reaches 40% of the total population of Indonesia. This number will increase in 2020, by 50% -60%.

Wayan Pariama, Adira Insurance's Chief Marketing Officer, emphasized, "With these two conditions, Autocillin is present as a solution. Solutions for risk mitigation to increase opportunities for literacy and insurance inclusion in millennials. "

The character of urban society which is largely dominated by millennial generation has something in common that is wanting everything to be easier. In accordance with the campaign run by Autocillin which is # 1 JariBeres, Autocillin makes things easier especially for filing claims. "Insurance is identical to filing a difficult claim, but the presence of Autocillin # 1 JariBeres is the solution that a simple claim is only one finger wrong, your car is smooth again," said Wayan.

# 1JariBeres is intended for millennials who want to be easy, engaging in experience, and digital savy. "Millennials have become potential buyers, especially for car insurance, so they are able to boost Adira Insurance's performance, whose main business is vehicle insurance," explained Wayan.

To roll out Campaign # 1 JariBeres, Autocillin created a massive and educative communication strategy. "But still up to date. By communicating what are the risks that can befall your beloved car. And how Autocillin comes as a solution, "said Wayan.

Various channels, both conventional and digital, have been chosen by Autocillin to reach the millennial generation who thirst for knowledge, especially related to car insurance. Autocillin teamed up with various influencers to help educate the importance of car insurance.

"Influencers are trusted by the audience, so that the hope the audience can understand about insurance is not a complicated thing, but can be done with 1 Finger Beres," added Wayan.

Not only that, Autocillin also uses a variety of platforms favored by millennials such as Youtube. Autocillin creates videos about the unexpected risks that could befall your beloved car. "We pack in a slightly eccentric concept so that audiences easily remember the risks that might occur if they do not use car insurance. In addition, videos with concepts like this are usually favored by netizens, especially the millennial generation, "said Wayan.

Technology-based services by providing the best experience for customers, we created from the claim reporting process. Autocilllin Mobile Claim Application was created to provide the best experience to customers. Customers simply need to fill in a chronological report of damage events and upload photos of vehicle damage in the application.

"Even AMC has been connected directly to Autocillin Garage, a partner workshop that has been standardized so that customers feel the same experience when visiting Adira Insurance, which if damaged lightly with a limit of 3-4 panels can be given the same day repair service. Certainly very interesting for millennials who have high mobility and are happy with a variety of practical things, "said Wayan.

Throughout 2019 claims reports that came using the Autocillin Mobile Claim application had more than 4,000 reports every month, reaching more than 95% of total claims of 4-wheeled motor vehicles, with the entire report and follow-up process using a system that has also been integrated with 23 Autocillin Garages scattered throughout Indonesia.

"Actually, this Autocillin can be enjoyed by all generations, even the baby boomers and X generation can become Millennials by using Autocillin. With AMC, everyone can easily access their smartphone for claims. Claims can be as easy as 1 finger going wrong with Autocillin, "concluded Wayan.

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