Autocillin Rescue

Autocillin Rescue is a unit presented for Autocillin Customers. It is a team that is capable of providing immediate assistance or help when a Customer is experiencing an incident on the road. Autocillin Rescue is comprised of various services adjusted with various needs and accidents on the road. The team is here to provide a sense of security and comfort for Autocillin Customers.

Autocillin Rescue is comprised of:

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERA)
  • Towing
  • Ambulance


Autocillin Rescue provides FREE assistance and repair if you are experiencing mild interference on the road, such as on:

  • Tyres.
  • Car Battery.
  • Engine Cooler.
  • Clutch System.
  • Braking Functions.
  • Locksmith.
  • Helper for Running out of fuel.


Autocillin provides free towing services for all Autocillin Customers. For the Customers experiencing bad incidents on the road, the Autocillin Rescue team with its towing car will immediately assist. The free towing services from Autocillin Rescue is also assisted by the towing cars that are partnering with Autocillin. When there is no Autocillin towing car or its partners, Autocillin will provide compensation for the towing expenses during the process conducted by other parties.

Currently, towing is only applied within the Greater Jakarta Area, Medan, and Surabaya.


 Autocillin provides immediate assistance of FREE ambulance services, when you are experiencing an incident/accident on the road.