Autocillin Mobile Claim

With the vast technological developments and a more personal service requirements, Autocillin has also responded by presenting mobile app-based services. Autocillin Mobile Claim App will provide easy access for Autocillin Customers to report any claims directly and easily via cellular phones. Moreover, Autocillin Customers may also select their desired partnered auto shops.


Currently, Autocillin Mobile Claim app may be used in Android and Apple based cellular phones. Customers may download the free app via GooglePlay for Android,  and iTunes Store for iPhone users. Use the keyword "Autocillin " to pinpoint the mobile claim app from Autocillin.

Autocillin apps    Autocillin Android

Autocillin Mobile Claim app is easily accessed by conducting several steps in creating claim reports in relation to the desired claims.

You can easily use one of your fingers to report your claims. With two steps, Autocillin Customers may immediately report their claims and according to the Autocillin’s needs. Easily follow these steps:

  1. Report damage. Reporting the damage and incident along with personal data, vehicle and the detail of the incident.
  2. Document and damaged photos. Send the needed photos, such as a copy of your ID card, photo, and descriptions of the vehicle’s damage.