Adira Insurance Together with Shares Happiness for Online Drivers Transportation Fighters During COVID-19

Published At Jul, 29 2020 06:56 | By admin

Jakarta, June 22nd 2020 - The COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia had a significant impact, especially in the aspects of the economy. Millions of informal workers and drivers online transportation have experienced significant income reductions during the mobilization period due to the pandemic. For this reason, Adira Insurance organized a food package distribution program, with the heading Sharing Happiness for Transportation Fighters, aimed to online drivers transportation and bikers. This Adira Insurance program is implemented in collaboration with Yayasan Benih Baik Indonesia (YBBI) and Grab Indonesia.


Auralusia Rimadiana (Ima), Adira Insurance's Chief Agency Officer, emphasized, "In the Happiness Sharing Program for Transportation Fighters, we not only distribute food packages, we also share personal accident insurance because we have a great commitment to protect the public in any situation. We do this program as a form of the Company's contribution in easing the burden on the people whose daily income is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia."


This kindness sharing program for online transportation fighters is provided in the form of e-vouchers which can be exchanged with food packages at all Indomaret outlets throughout Indonesia. This distribution process was handled byYayasan Benih Baik Indonesia and Grab Indonesia and then distributed to the community while still implementing the social restrictions protocol recommended by the Government.


"We grateful with the collaborations with Yayasan Benih Baik Indonesia, which has been our partner in organizing this sharing program. We hope that this collaboration could sustain and more parties will benefit from this collaboration, "said Ima.

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