Adira Care

Adira Care is the information center for all the needs of general insurance products and services from Adira Insurance. With a 24-hour, 7-days a week operation, Adira Care team is prepared to provide you with solutions for your insurance requirements. Adira Care team is a solid and forefront unit of Adira Insurance, as it seeks to provide solutions for our customers.


With the opening of the Adira Care access to provide any kind of information throughout 24 hours in a day, Adira Care equipped its team with various technology in support of their activities. The Contact Log Management feature is presented to gain access in a detailed analysis of all incoming calls. It will minimize errors in the personal data of Participants/Callers.

In addition, Adira Care has also added the Automatic Voice Recording feature that has become a standard in various call centers across multiple major companies. This will record each phone conversation automatically, for accurate evaluation purposes.


Here are the various services and the information available from Adira Care team :

  • Information on innovative products of Adira Insurance.
  • Claim report, renewal, complaint, as also other issues related to Adira Insurance.
  • Immediate assistance requests for ERA, Towing and Ambulance.

Please contact Adira Care at:

  • Call : 1500 456
  • Text : +62-812 111 3456
  • Email :
  • Website :